I don't usually make bracelets... but I definitely have respect for all the jewelers who do. This bracelet is gorgeous. I think it's because I'm really stingy, lol. I don't like using so many beads for one piece of jewelry. Horrible reason, I know.

I did make a charm bracelet though. I bought all the charms in Korea. I like the look of brass a lot, and it's pretty sturdy--not delicate at all.


just a manly ring

I took a metal course last semester and made some rings. It was definitely an eye-opening class.

This one is my favorite -- I bought a band of sterling silver and cut it to my size... bent it into a circle, filed it, soldered it, smoothed out the insides, bent the edges out... scratched into the surface.

I like my rings wide and manly, lol.

late night creations

Hello everyone !

ambedixtrous from Soompi PMed me and told me that my comment box wasn't working, it's all fixed now (:

For some reason I got bit by the creative bug last night and made two pairs of earrings ~

& something completely different. They remind me of spring! I don't usually repeat designs but I think I'm going to rework these a couple times, I like the look of them a lot. Maybe a couple variants...

I was just wondering, do you guys like longer earrings or shorter ones ?

- Alyssa


i have a horrible addiction

I'm a stud-buying addict. 

 I don't wear makeup and ever since I've discovered the magic that is thrift stores I barely buy new clothes. I finally bought new shoes over the weekend while in NYC (on sale at Urban Outfitters!) so my mom would stop complaining about me buying shoes at Goodwill. 

Mom (after showing her my second pair of $2 shoes): I'll buy you real shoes. We're not that tight on money, I promise...

It's my one true shopping vice. I fantasize about boots, jeans and purses but I never really buy them. Earrings, I buy. Well correction, studs I buy, earrings I make. Still, I be spending money on pieces of metal that poke through my ears, yaknowhaddi'msayin?! 

 I used to have five ear piercings: three in one ear, two in the other. I let two of them close up so now I have one double piecing, one single. I'm contemplating getting them re-pierced, we'll see. They would just be in the lobe again. I'm too much of a scaredy cat to get my cartilage pierced, let alone another exotic part of the ear.

recent haul from forever 21:

I'm so lucky I don't have sensitive ears, lol.


The insane part is, 75% the time I don't even wear earrings. 

I don't sleep with them in because I'm a crazy sleeper, and in the morning I'm such in a hurry to get to class I usually forget. Sacrilege, I know. I'm ridiculous.

Maybe I'm just a hoarder.


how cute are these spider man studs?!?!!?

long time no see

Sorry it's been awhile ! (To my lovely four followers, haha <3) 

I have about three or so weeks left of university, so of course I have assignments piled up and photo shoots left and right that I have to do. Funny how professors will give you three assignments in one week. It's been hectic and crazy, but I managed so sit down and make two pairs of earrings. 

I thought dust was going to fly around as I opened us the tins, lol.

I've had these milky white beads for awhile, but I've never used them until today. For some reason, inspiration struck me. Usually I sit there staring at them dumbfounded.

Also, the red flower beads are hard to work with in general since they hang in such an odd way. I have them in blue and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with all of them, eep. Bead trade, anyone ?

& something light and cute.

I have a gazillion + 2 of these green leaf beads. I bought them by the handful in Hong Kong, lol.

favorite, one

swarovski beads and wings


pearls, stars and bows

These bow beads are hard to work with because the color is so odd. They are a pale peach color--I have them in a pale teal also. I need ideas :( !


the grand total is ...

I made a grand total of fourteen earrings this weekend. Insanity. 

Five of them are really simple and clean danglies. Very streamline. Definitely not what I'm used to creating. I tend to make shorter, more intricate earrings.

They look great hanging. The pearl balls are slide-able. You can move them up and down the chain.

The blues are to die for.

I don't know what came over me. 

Don't worry, I didn't spend the whole weekend cooped up inside. I tend to only make earrings on the weekends since I'm so busy during the week with classes and work. Plus now that I'm working in the studio, I have to schedule in photo shoots.

Yesterday I took a photo walk around the beach. The weather was amazing.

Happy Easter everyone!

how to make a simple beaded ball

Hello everyone!

A couple months ago I finally learned how to create a simple beaded ball. Or at least, this is my variation.

Materials you will need:
12 beads // 24 for two balls
nylon monofilament (can use fishing line also)
scissors or wire cutters


Strand FOUR beads.


Take ONE end and thread it through the LAST bead on the opposite side. So it will look like a loop. Pull and tighten.


Thread TWO beads on one side, and ONE bead on the other side.


Take the end with the ONE bead on it and thread it to the last bead on the other side. It will look like a loop (sound familiar?) Pull and tighten.

When you tighten it, it will curl in. Don't ask me why, haha.


You repeat STEP THREE and FOUR again.

If you were to straight it out, it would look like this, see? What you are basically doing is making the first shape over and over again but using ONE bead from the previous shape:


Thread ONE bead to both sides. Thread through the LAST bead. Pull and tighten.

This is kind of tricky. 

What you have to do now is complete the ball shape. So you will take the TWO ends and thread them through the LAST bead (that one that is curled up.)

When you tighten it:


You're almost finished! 

I like to thread the ends through the bead ball to reinforce it, aka make it stronger. So take ONE end and just thread it through adjacent holes. You can do it to the other side too, just make sure you have enough string so when you're finished, you can tie them together. They should 'meet' each other:

I double knot them:

Then trim the ends off.


  • There will be gaps with bigger beads.
  • If you use teeny beads, they will end up looking like Konpeito, the Japanese star candy ^^ haha

  • I like making pearl bead balls the most!!

Thanks, and happy creating! If you make anything, please share (:

- Alyssa

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