i have a horrible addiction

I'm a stud-buying addict. 

 I don't wear makeup and ever since I've discovered the magic that is thrift stores I barely buy new clothes. I finally bought new shoes over the weekend while in NYC (on sale at Urban Outfitters!) so my mom would stop complaining about me buying shoes at Goodwill. 

Mom (after showing her my second pair of $2 shoes): I'll buy you real shoes. We're not that tight on money, I promise...

It's my one true shopping vice. I fantasize about boots, jeans and purses but I never really buy them. Earrings, I buy. Well correction, studs I buy, earrings I make. Still, I be spending money on pieces of metal that poke through my ears, yaknowhaddi'msayin?! 

 I used to have five ear piercings: three in one ear, two in the other. I let two of them close up so now I have one double piecing, one single. I'm contemplating getting them re-pierced, we'll see. They would just be in the lobe again. I'm too much of a scaredy cat to get my cartilage pierced, let alone another exotic part of the ear.

recent haul from forever 21:

I'm so lucky I don't have sensitive ears, lol.


The insane part is, 75% the time I don't even wear earrings. 

I don't sleep with them in because I'm a crazy sleeper, and in the morning I'm such in a hurry to get to class I usually forget. Sacrilege, I know. I'm ridiculous.

Maybe I'm just a hoarder.


how cute are these spider man studs?!?!!?

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  1. LOL Your shoe story cracked me up! Hahahha! Plus, I'm like you! A stud addict! I try buying those long dangling earrings but never wear them...I'm a diamond/pearl stud wearer (is that even a word?)

    <33 Rena


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