late night creations

Hello everyone !

ambedixtrous from Soompi PMed me and told me that my comment box wasn't working, it's all fixed now (:

For some reason I got bit by the creative bug last night and made two pairs of earrings ~

& something completely different. They remind me of spring! I don't usually repeat designs but I think I'm going to rework these a couple times, I like the look of them a lot. Maybe a couple variants...

I was just wondering, do you guys like longer earrings or shorter ones ?

- Alyssa


  1. Hi, I'm a new visitor (I came through the website that shown tour geometric bobby pins) and i'm checking quickly your archives. I thought I Had to stop to say how much I love your flowered earrings (they look like forget-me-not :)
    Well all of them are cute but these one really caught my eye!

  2. Well I like shorter ones because they are more casual! Btw your earrings are gorgeous! <3


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