lazy days

Hello everyone, welcome to my first post! 

I spent all day making earrings. It was beautiful out, and I spent it crafting, haha.

Well, I did take a small break to drop my friends off at the airport... then I came back, sat down and fiddled around with beads some more. Time goes by really, really quickly when you're hyper focused. I watched so much CSI that I swear the same episodes played again, lol.

I finally organized. It was pretty horrible earlier.

I use a mix of different storage tools: plastic jars, 'tic tacs box' shaped containers, empty film containers, mint tins, and empty 'snus' tins my friends gave me. Most of the things I used are found or are hand-me-downs from my sister. I did buy the jars because they were on sale and so so cute, haha. But I'd rather spend my money on beads, you know? (:

I think my collection is quite small actually compared to others... you can never have too much ;3

The beads I use the most:

Rose & flower coins. Aren't they cute? I love the colors. Also, meet my The Little Prince notebooks. I use him as my background often. He's my favorite ;o;

Assortment of bird beads. MY FAVORITE. I'm currently trying to find more because I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out soon. I like the white MOP ones the best, very clean and versatile.

Blue & pink candy jade beads: Everything I make tends to be blue or pink. It's odd...

I took some pictures in process of a couple pairs. 

I made a grand total of seven pairs today! It might not sound like too much, but I try to make every single one different, so none are repeats or the same thing in different colors.

What I usually try to do is set things up like this, no headpins or anything, just putting some beads down here and there:

I'm getting better and better at wire-wrapping.

I thought I was finished but then it looked... empty? So I added the 'diamonds':

better, I think!

I've started making some simple beaded balls again.

I've actually noticed that I have a lot of beads that I don't touch, anyone want to trade beads with me? Maybe we can get the creative juices flowing ~~~

Thanks everyone, have a good night!

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  1. LOL You are too cute! Spending all your time crafting away on a sunny day! I've been trying to bead/craft also, but it's been hard with a new baby...but I hope to post up some pictures of what I've made soon! Love your work!

    <33 Rena

    P.S. Your one and only 5th follower! 8) haha


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