long time no see

Sorry it's been awhile ! (To my lovely four followers, haha <3) 

I have about three or so weeks left of university, so of course I have assignments piled up and photo shoots left and right that I have to do. Funny how professors will give you three assignments in one week. It's been hectic and crazy, but I managed so sit down and make two pairs of earrings. 

I thought dust was going to fly around as I opened us the tins, lol.

I've had these milky white beads for awhile, but I've never used them until today. For some reason, inspiration struck me. Usually I sit there staring at them dumbfounded.

Also, the red flower beads are hard to work with in general since they hang in such an odd way. I have them in blue and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with all of them, eep. Bead trade, anyone ?

& something light and cute.

I have a gazillion + 2 of these green leaf beads. I bought them by the handful in Hong Kong, lol.


  1. I think the profs secretly plan the due dates together! lol just joking =) Good luck with your assignments!

  2. The earrings are adorable! I'd love to do a bead trade but for the most part I only have a couple of charms and a lot of pearls!


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