Hello lovelies !

I'm in my final week of school ~ I go home this saturday. Next week is actually exam week but I don't have any exams during that time. All my final projects were due this week and I have one exam tomorrow ... then I'm finished with my second year as a photography student !

It's been a bit crazy but I think I escape all of it by crafting earrings, haha.

I bought these awesome coral roses on sale and they have become my new obsessions. (usually $15 a strand, INSANITY.)

Perfect for spring/summer. I know it's hot other places of the world, but it's cold cold cold where I live right now. (It totally snowed a few days ago.) I'm still in spring mode :3

I'm going to break this into different posts, haha there are a TON of pictures.

First off, I've consolidated all my beads to one source. It's so much easier to transport. Is it lame to want to find a jewelry party :x ?

My two faithful tools.

earrings coming soon ! Here is a preview:


  1. Cool container! I'm loving the earrings as well! Do you have an etsy shop?!

    <33 Rena

  2. Thanks! No I don't have a etsy :/ I love shopping from it though, I'm totally addicted !


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