I want a blog with big pictures.

Little bird fun.

I love these little beads. 

They're my favorite. I was first introduced to them two summers ago while strolling around Korea. Too adorable! I think I bought every single pair of earrings I saw that had these little cuties dangling off of them. They were pretty rare to see back then. But they were so addicting, all milky smooth and delicate. It almost didn't matter if I didn't like the earring design. Almost (:

Fast forward two years, and I still love them. Two years later, I'm crafting with them.

Here are three pairs of earrings. 

I made a little challenge for myself to use the following items: pink bead balls, pearl white birds, blue glass beads
to create three different pairs of earrings.

insert odd color shift... I'm sorry the colors are so funky for this post. I don't have any way of batch editing these (I don't have photoshop on my laptop).


the shortest and most simple pair

My best friend and I discovered this amazing bead shop about fifteen minutes away. I usually buy my beads online, but I think it's great to support your local bead stores. I've gone twice already!

Here are some new beads I purchased. Can you tell what my new favorite colors are to play with?:

What do you guys think of the new layout?



  1. I like the new layout! It's nice too be able to see large pictures. :) I love the earrings btw! Those birds are too cute!

  2. Those beads are cute!

    May I know where you buy your beads online?

  3. Thank you !

    Jonalee, your creations are super cute ~ ;o;

    Wendy, when I buy beads online, I buy off of Etsy.com. It's not one big store persay, it's a bunch of different sellers so you purchase from individual people.

  4. I'm actually going to have a giveaway soon where I will be giving away a pair of earrings and then tons of cute beads and a pair of tools so you can make your own ! (and other extra goodies) so keep a look out and spread the news ...


  5. Yeah! I like looking at pictures too! The birdies are too cute! I cannot wait for your giveaway! I cannot wait to show you what I made! Yah!!! 8)

    <33 Rena

  6. the earrings are so cute.. i love the colors. and i like the simplicity of your layout. the colors matches with the earrings ^^

  7. i absolutely love everything you make! where do you buy your MOP bird beads?

  8. Thank you!

    Clarissa: The ones I have currently I bought in Korea, BUT you can get them easily off the internet. I actually recently bought them again from Etsy from:


    If you don't want this many, just type in "MOP birds" in Etsy's search under SUPPLIES and you'll get other options (:

  9. oh sweet. thanks for sharing! i love your blog :)
    can't wait for the giveaway! :D

  10. I love the blue beads! Btw, I like going to local bead shops too. I like being able to only get a few beads without having to buy a whole pack, Plus they always have some really cool ones.

  11. luulijewels: my thoughts exactly. Bead shops also tend to be cheaper... which is definitely a motivation for myself haha

    Thanks for visiting!

  12. Hello Ki!Your blog is so sweet and creative!Inspired by your earrings in this post I made a pair of earrings too!
    Heres the link: http://thecrafterthemerrier.blogspot.gr/2013/09/bird-earrings-tutorial.html
    I bought the birds off Etsy.com but didnt find those ones you recommended however I think they are pretty much the same.Check them if you want! <3

    1. Oooh good job! I love that you were inspired, keep on creating!!


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