I was going through some old pictures when I found photographs of when I first started making earrings. Wow, just wow. Kind of embarrassing haha.

My first couple of pairs: overexposed pictures from my point and shoot.

Made out of clay. These pictures are way too overexposed... you can barely see the wing. I remember it took me probably an hour to construct that damn thing. Clay is not my forte. The rays on the sun are swarovski crystals, haha.

these are actually the first pair i've ever sold. $5 to a good internet friend, lol.

Then to the slightly newer stuff, but still a couple years back. They really aren't too bad, they just suffer from horrible photography:

HAHA man.

- A

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  1. You make such cuuute earrings! Do you have an etsy shop?! What do you do with your earrings?! I have no idea...LOL but they're pretty!
    I plan to make some jewelry myself! But I just need to get to the darn store! 8)

    <33 Rena


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