the first batch of studs...

My first batch of cabochons came in Saturday~

I was so excited! They're gorgeous. I have a few repeats of colors that I plan on gifting or giving away as freebies in (future) orders. Aren't they precious?

I glued them on silver backs with super strong E6000. The smell started giving me a headache. I definitely need to be in a well ventilated room while crafting these.

I love this color:

More studs to come !


  1. Studs heaven.
    I bought cabochons in cherry blossom shapes and I LOVE THEM, you'll probably see them on blog sometime later.

    What are the needles made of? I might want a pair :P

    And yes, e6000 gives headaches. My kitty walked in, sniffed some studs that were newly made, and barfed on the spot, lol :X

  2. Beautiful! The studs look awesome. More pretty pictures of pretty earrings!!!Lol <333

  3. im planning on trying my hand at making some studs, and i just wanted to know where i can buy the e6000 glue?i loove the cabs you chose to make the studs, so cute and simple!


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