happy halloween !

Happy Halloween everyone!

I made a couple pairs of earrings this weekend. I think I'm slowly entering the denial stage stage where I refuse to acknowledge that my quarter is ending and that I have a million and three things to do. You know when you can see doom coming and you just want to stick your head in the sand and ignore it?

I think that is what I'm doing.

 Also, I'm going through a creative slump! It takes me forever to make a pair... and it's not the physical creation, it's the design that takes half an hour :( So the first earring will take an hour, the subsequent twin will take 2 minutes.

My usual workflow:
I queue up a season of Friends/Criminal Minds in VLC on my macbook and set it on my desk, fullscreen. Hit play.
Work work work work look up once in awhile work work
I don't get up until like, five hours later.


I made these yesterday.



and then today:

Usually I make one pair at a time, but this time I ended up making one side of each pair first.

Here are some pictures to dispel the mystery. Am I hurting myself in showing you guys my workflow? LOL ♥ I wonder...

work in progress:




finished products:


  1. LOL Your work is gorgeous! Funny how you work and watch tv shows...

    <33 Rena

  2. I'm generally watching some anime when I work. That means I miss out on some subtitles... but that's okay. haha.

    I haven't touched my tools in 2 days-- I've had people over and now I'm supposed to be studying for my midterm tmrw and doing hw, but my hands are itching to do something :(

  3. how pretty!! you make me want to craft, but your pieces are so much more whimsical than mine. do you have an etsy store or something? >__>

  4. You are very talented! They are so adorable. Great job!

  5. Rena: Thanks! Yeah, I can't work without tv, haha... which is weird because when I write I need complete and utter silence.

    Lisa: A woman after my own heart <3 I'm always excited to read what you post, so post more often!

    izumi: Thank you! You're a photo student too? (: I don't have an etsy store :/ I've contemplated it, but no, I don't have one.

    Joy: Thank you !

  6. where did you get your zip up shirtt ?! i lovee it! and how come ive never seeen it


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