how do you organize your jewelry?

I love looking at pictures of different earring racks/how people organize their jewelry.

For my birthday, one of my roommates bought me this cool plate from a thrift store and I decided to use it as a stud holder. Before I just had all of my studs thrown into this small yellow compartment. It took me forever to fish out a pair. It was such a multicolored mess. Not pretty to look at.

So I poured everything out and decided it was time to get organized!

I cut up postcards into small rectangles and pierced holes into them with a tack on top of a corkboard. It's easy--just lay the pieces on top of something porous (for me it was a board I usually tack important notes on) and use the thumbnail to punch two holes.

I bought the postcards in Korea. I love them! I think it's because theyre SO cheap (10cents each and uber cute.) I've got to say I've never sent out a postcard though, lol.

I have all sorts of designs, but I chose these because they are textured, and not too smooth.

It's a tedious process, but once I got the hang of slipping the backs on, it got faster and faster. I like the presentation.

So they face every which and every way, but at least the pairs are together now.

I have so many studs, I might need more bowls, lol. I'm going to start making studs soon, I'm just waiting for packages in the mail, so I cut extra strips in preparation. 

My earrings are a different post entirely!

When I moved back to uni, I took all my earrings off my bird cage earring stand and put them into little baggies.

One month later, and they're still in little baggies, lol, thrown into a bright yellow forever 21 shopping bag. I didn't bring the cage to school, I only brought two suit cases and it was already broken so why bother? I need to either buy another stand or creatively figure something out. Any suggestions?

So lovelies, how do you girls organize your jewelry? I would love to know!


  1. I have this metal suitcase that I store everything in-- they're also in zip lock baggies, lol >.< Locks like a bomb suitcase!

    I want to see your new earrings, btw. That teaser you posted last time was evilllll! :P

  2. i have little boxes. one is for cartilage earrings. necklaces and bracelets. earrings =]
    do you sell the earrings you make? where?

  3. I keep my earrings in those little bags too =)

  4. You have so many earrings! I'm so jealous of your collection.

  5. Lisa: I can't seem to make the photos look good :( and a bomb-like suitcase? haha thats awesome!

    kittin: I don't sell the earrings I make, but if you're ever interested in a pair just contact me!

    ILoveChocolateee!: really? haha I thought it was just me~

    Zong: show me yours!

  6. I currently have a photo frame with a sheer fabric (instead of the glass) where I stuff my studs on. But the thing is, they don't look too pretty (as I would like) because I don't organise it properly. And then whenever I look at it in the morning I feel lost looking at the sheer amount of studs I had. SOOOOOOO... I might implement your strategy (if you don't mind if I copy!) so I can like, just randomly pick them out in the morning! And it would go so nice with my birdcage for my earrings! Now, if only I can find a cute dish! Ohhhh I remember one! ASOS! Or forever21.... forgot which one.... Okies /endrant.

  7. I found your blog extremely useful and pretty! now following you on Bloglovin :)


  8. hi! I love your blog and the beautiful photos you take! I actually made a post on how to organize studs. Here is the link I hope you check it out! ^.^


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