i'm addicted

to pretty cups and dishes!

Every time I see a dainty piece of china I don't think, wow, that would look great in my kitchen, I think, wow, my earrings would look SO good in that. Have you ever walked into Anthropologie and kind of felt like stabbing yourself in the eyes because while everything is sosososo cute they are sosososo overpriced? Well that was me yesterday at the mall. Pretty overload. 

Honestly my style is really different than the earrings I make. I can't even wear half of them because they're too ... pastel for me. I love the colors and the combinations but I live in neutral clothing. I'm the walking poster child for the Gap--lots of basics, layering and black. Anthropologie is not really my scene, but man the wares are great!

My roommates and I ended up going to TJ Maxx and I found myself scouring the housewares section. I love TJ Maxx, haha as long as I take my time I usually find something I love. 

(By the way, they have tons of great earring racks, I was really surprised. Good selection.)

I found this great tiered.... thing.

It's huge.

There is a lot of debate over what this is, lol. It didn't have a price tag so one of the employees and I walked around to see if there was a duplicate.

Him: So what are you using this for?
Me: To store jewelry
Him: Oh... well you know we have jewelry boxes and stuff right?
Me: Oh, really? Wow, um, but I would still like this please.
Him: Oh, okay, that's different I guess. Creative.

It has a really textured, scratchy surface so if I was to ever run my finger nails against it I would definitely cringe and cry.

Here it is with some of my floral studs:
The leaf pair and the plump pale pink flowers above it are from Urban Outfitters. My friend gave them to me, and they're on sale now here.

And now for a sneak peak of some new studs:
How amazing are these? I have more colors but I ran out of silver needles so I have to wait until my other packages start rolling in :(

- A


  1. Love the earring stand. <333
    How much did you end up getting it for?

  2. Hey (: I ended up getting it for $15
    We compared it to the other jewelry stands ~
    Isn't it great? My room is seriously monotone and space themed, so it's a little out of place but IT'S ALL GOOD haha <33

  3. I DO love your jewelry stand find! I wish to get my own once my hubby and I move! If only I had my own vanity table/work desk! LOL

    <33 Rena


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