just some beads

I love these rectangle/square beads.

I picked up more rose coral beads from Michael's.

I love perusing craft stores, and the selection for beads has really grown these past few years. It's crazy to see so many aisles. There definitely wasn't that much of choice when I first started (Not that I'm terribly old, haha). They're just so fun to go through.

If you want to start making some jewelry I would recommend going to the larger art stores.

I don't really buy my bead strands there but I religiously check for these beads:

They are usually never in stock! I get them while I can, but of course with coupons because they cost $14.99 regularly, lol. Michael's has a sale right now where their bead collection is 50% + I had a 15% off coupon. 

One of the strands was slightly larger and a deeper pink.

;o; love

I know girls with shoe problems and makeup problems but me, I have a serious bead problem. I. Can't. Stop. Purchasing. I need to go to meetings.

Even so I don't own half of what other crafters own : (

- A


  1. The rose beads are some of my FAV out of the swap we had! Beautiful. I bought some vintage-ish cream/white rose beads the other day off Etsy, and I thought of you. How do you feel about a Holiday bead swap? ;)

  2. LOL I feel great about a holiday bead swap ! Count me in (: Can you resend me your address?

  3. LOL I think I would be the same...I love browsing for beads...however, my hubby has no patience when it comes to craft stores...I've got to go by myself some time in the near future! I have coupons for Joannes store but never get to use them! But I was quite happy to inform my mother-in-law of the place since she never went to one before...I think I've solved her issue of trying to find better fabric material/pattern!

    <33 Rena

  4. where did you buy the rectangle/square beads? they're so pretty *o*


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