well, hello there...

It's been a while.

I'm back at university now! It's been ages since I've posted. My summer was amazing, great experiences, and I met so many interesting people. I totally recommend interning as soon as possible. At my school they tell  us to start junior/senior year, but I started ASAP and found internships for my first and second year summers. You won't regret it. If anyone has questions about internships or NASA, I'll be happy to answer them (:

Anyway, lately I've been thrifting a lot. There is no shame in vintage, especially for so cheap! I went to a   garage sale and found these lovelies for a dollar a piece:

and then this weekend I made a million pairs of earrings, which I'm having the hardest time photographing so here is a teaser:

More pictures to come later!
It's good to be back (:


  1. yah! you're finally back!
    love the haul!
    i miss yard/garage sales...8(
    but please, do show and tell!

    <33 Rena

  2. yay you're back! :) cant wait to see the earrings

  3. those vintage earring look adorable! i wish the garage/yard sales here had good things. no mater how hard i try, i never find anything that catches my eye. must. try. harder. haha

    anyway, glad your back!

  4. Great vintage finds!! Love them. <333
    Are we gonna get to see more of your wonderful creations? The teaser is making me curious. xP


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