new earrings & eos lip balms

I finally have time to breathe.

I'm finished with my photography classes for this quarter! I took two shooting courses: Multimedia for Photojournalists and Photography as a Narrative. Multimedia was probably my most challenging class... I had an assignment every week that consisted of: having to find a story, photographing it well several times, interviewing people and recording sound, and putting it all together in soundslides to make something good cohesive. On top of that, a group midterm and then a final project. It was insane and intense but I loved my professor.

I'm also done with my finance class and my 10 page photography ethics paper, so now I just have one exam left, then I'm on a plane to go home (:

I went on a spree last night. I actually haven't been creating much, I would sit at my desk and not feel up for it at all... pick up a thing here, set it down there, forget about it, give up on it... but oddly last night inspiration hit me.

very delicate and feminine

silver and simple

birds and bronze

angels and roses

reminds me of candy

blue birds flying



the last batch

I finally got my last batch of studs in a couple days ago ! I was really excited for them. 

I don't know, I've just recently gone stud crazy. There is no feasible explanation to why. A couple weeks ago I got my third hole in my right ear, my second in my left. (I know, I'm unbalanced). For some reason, I like it better then having three in each ear.

my right ear

Luckily my lobes are quite... large, haha. And I'm too paranoid to get my cartilage done--maybe one day I'll be brave enough, but for now, lobe piercings are all I have.

I also have the least sensitive ears ever, lol. I could probably stick safety pins through and be fine.


These are smaller lots, about 6 colors each set.

These are strange looking. After a lot of contemplation I finally gave in and bought them. I wasn't disappointed!

These have 8 colors. I negotiated with the seller to have a smaller lot, otherwise I would have had to buy 4 of each color.

 thrown together mix

I have no clue what I'm going to do with all these studs, haha. I've been wearing the same pair for about a week straight.

Package swap, anyone? lol.
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