the last batch

I finally got my last batch of studs in a couple days ago ! I was really excited for them. 

I don't know, I've just recently gone stud crazy. There is no feasible explanation to why. A couple weeks ago I got my third hole in my right ear, my second in my left. (I know, I'm unbalanced). For some reason, I like it better then having three in each ear.

my right ear

Luckily my lobes are quite... large, haha. And I'm too paranoid to get my cartilage done--maybe one day I'll be brave enough, but for now, lobe piercings are all I have.

I also have the least sensitive ears ever, lol. I could probably stick safety pins through and be fine.


These are smaller lots, about 6 colors each set.

These are strange looking. After a lot of contemplation I finally gave in and bought them. I wasn't disappointed!

These have 8 colors. I negotiated with the seller to have a smaller lot, otherwise I would have had to buy 4 of each color.

 thrown together mix

I have no clue what I'm going to do with all these studs, haha. I've been wearing the same pair for about a week straight.

Package swap, anyone? lol.


  1. Hummm..what are you planning to swap for? More studs? Just wondering...that IS a lot of studs! Thinking about it, even though I have long, dangling earrings, I only wear my studs...they're more convenient...LOL

    <33 Rena

  2. ahh i'd love to swap! but..i have have nothing to swap with hehe xD

    oh, around how bid would you say the studs are?

  3. they look really nice! i wish i could swap... the stuff i make for myself is so bad xD

  4. oh that dusty teal blue color is gorgeous :D

    i normally hate advertising in comments >__< i have my own shop, if you see anything let me know (: i'd love to swap!

  5. That is alot of earrings! They are super cute though =) I had 8 piercings total in my ears at one time, but I only wear the first piercing now.


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