black friday finds & belated birthday presents

Hey everyone!

How was your thanksgiving break? Mine was fantastic. I love being home... even if all I did was eat and sleep, lol. I'm pretty sure I gained 3 lbs, and I was only home for 10 days! Gluttony, pure gluttony. I shudder at the thought of Christmas break and all the weight gain... 

I went to the local premium outlets at midnight for Black Friday. It was absolute madness. Never again. Never, ever again. I ended up getting three things that I really liked, but it was definite chaos.

In bead news:

Michael's had a crazy black friday deal -- beads were 50% off and then I had an overall 20% off coupon. I ended up buying four of the rose strands (regularly $14.99) and then when I got home I realized that the cashier only charged me for 3 of them, oopsies. I'm obsessed. I spent about $20.

Also, at my local bead store they have a paper card-- whenever you spend $10 you get a stamp. When you get 10 stamps (basically spend $100) you get $12 off your next purchase. When I went to the cute store over break, I had 9 stamps. 

I spent another $10 on beads (not shown), and got $12 off this strand of beads, originally $15.99. So I got them for only 3 bucks! Squeeeee.

Flower coin, smaller in diameter than my usual.

Sales are an endorphin rush.

Also, my birthday was in October, and my friend bought me an earring holder that I wanted from Icing. She said it was too delicate to ship, so I picked it up during the break and had to lug it through the airport to bring it back to school. It was a pain in the ass, but I love it!

(hello, I'm a twenty year old university student and I have glow in the dark stars on my walls.)

BTW, It's on sale right now for $16. It's originally $24.
I used to use this bird cage from Icing:

It's fantastic and beautiful but mine broke (RIP).

I needed something new to actually hang my earrings off of instead of just leaving them in the baggies. (Not that I really wear them anymore.) I have tons of earrings I have never worn. Scratch that, 90% of them, I have never worn, lol, and I own a lot.

Funny enough

I actually haven't taken any out of the baggies, lol, I just hung the ones I made recently. Sigh, I don't know what to do.

I've been watching a lot of jewelry/earring collection videos on youtube. I'm oddly fascinated. I like seeing what other people own and how they storage it. I want to see everyone's collections! Show me!

I've made about thirteen pairs of earrings so far that I need to sit down and photograph. I'm hoping to post another update this weekend, so keep a heads up!

Also I'm thinking of doing a tutorial, does anyone have anything they want to see/know?

- A


  1. Hi Alyssa! My name is Pauline and I have been following your blog for awhile.

    I love the jeweleries you make and you have inspired me to take on crafting earrings!

    Any tutorial is fine, since all of the earrings you make are so cute! I love the flower beads you use :)

    Question: What do you think are the basic pliers/tools needed to start jewelry crafting?

  2. I love the new rose beads! I have 2 pics of my collection that I recently posted to my blog. I haven't gotten my whoole collection up, hihi....I like looking at people's bead collections too! Can't wait to see those 13 pairs of earrings.

  3. lady, you got some great deals!
    I was at Michael's yesterday, saw those rose beads and totally thought about you.

  4. Oops, I forgot to re-introduce myself. I commented on your blog before with my Lulijewels account. I changed my account name to this one that I'm using now, just in case u were wondering lool. ~Thanks


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