jewelry storage & collection update

So remember this post?

Well... I meant what I said, but the blue dish has since been repurposed for my bathroom counter. (Note: I am running out of things to put in these dishes that I compulsively purchase.) Since it's been awhile since I've last updated, I wanted to photograph how I have been storing my jewelry for the past couple months.

My jewelry primarily rests on top of my dresser and my mini fridge. I say primarily because I have a couple necklaces hanging from a wall shelf. But more on that, later.

On top of my dresser I keep my handmade earrings, my studs and my handmade bracelets. (I got that camera from a vintage shop for $3!) Hanging from blue thumbtacks off the wall are a couple necklaces.

In the blue bowl are flower studs from this, this and this post. I've given away a lot of pairs to friends, but as you can see, there is still a lot left. In the purple bowl are store-bought studs still kept in pairs punctured through the paper.

I spent an hour or so unbagging all my handmade earrings and hanging them up on the earring holder. I honestly don't know how they all fit. I tried to have a system based on grouping earrings together based on focal beads, but it didn't really work out.

The first and second rows. For the top row I tried to put all the earrings together that had the coral rose beads. The second row I think was focused on birds/pearl animals.

The earring holder has little branches that butt out (that's where the overlap comes from.)

I have a confession to make. 

I rarely wear any of these earrings. I dress quite monotone... like a bruise, really. Mostly black and grey, a little bit of dark blue, on extremely rare occasion maybe something bright. My earrings are not like that at all. I think I've worn maybe six of them.

Now on to my fridge top.

I have an earring holder and three ceramic egg crates.

A little side note:

You do not understand how long I have coveted these buttery smooth babies. I discovered them online months ago, but instead of ordering them off Anthropologie I waited (impatiently) until Easter rolled around. I checked out JoAnn fabrics and picked up the white and blue one on sale 40% off. These are smaller than Anthropologie's, but I got two for half the price of theirs, so I'm not complaining. 

The pink one and this blue one I got for a dollar each at a different craft store. Actually, I ended up buying about six, and I gave one to a good friend and one to each of my roommates. They're perfect for holding jewelry.

This is how one of my roommates uses hers. Her boyfriend made her this shelf. It simply sits on top of a Honduras cigar box (that I got for her, lol, she's half Honduran. It reminded me of her.)

Miscellaneous items: coins, rings and necklaces. Pretty cool, right? I hope I'm not the only one who went completely nuts over them, haha.

So back to the post, in the white one I keep different studded earrings. In the pink one are bracelets, and in the blue one are miscellaneous items and some handmade studded earrings.

So that's the end of my earrings.

I mentioned my shelf earlier.

I taped some wooden clothe pins to the shelf and from them I clip polaroids and business cards. Hanging off of them, though, are a couple of necklaces. The long gold blue one to the left I made, the shorter gold one I bought at Goodwill for $3. the two colorful ones on the right I made. They're kind of like friendship bracelets made into necklaces. I learned how to make them here at Honestly...WTF. Their tutorials are great. I recommend going through their DIY section.

I've only made two so far because they take FOREVER to make. They're tedious and repetitive and my hands looked like claws afterward, but they're fun and add a bit of color to my otherwise bland wardrobe haha.

I'm back.

- A


  1. I'm sooo glad you're back! I've missed looking at your creations <3

  2. where did you get your earing holder! i have been looking for one like that for a long time!!!

  3. Hey allison, my friend got the earring holder from Icing (:

  4. That is a tremendous collection! It seems you are fond of light dangling earrings, seeing how most of your collection consist of floral, carnation and aquamarine assortments. And this post has been years ago, so I bet your collections must have doubled by now. Keep at it, and do keep us updated on your new acquisitions. Thanks for sharing!

    Theresa Conner @ Michael Alan Jewelers

  5. You have quite a collection! I can’t help but notice your keenness with floral and aquamarines. Your colorful accessories will make up for your claim of always dressing up monotonously. If you’re wearing those colorful pieces, then I think it would only be awkward to pair them with very vibrant dresses. Thanks for sharing!

    Blanche Holland @ Distinctive Diamonds


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