a question I've been meaning to answer...

Hey Pauline, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to answer you. I hope you're crafting!

To answer your question, I just use these two: a round nose plier & a flush cutter. That's it. I think it's advised that you should have also have a chain nose plier and flat nose plier. (for example) But these two get the job done for me.

I've had them since I first started crafting when I was fourteen. They were given to me by my sister. They're pretty banged up. I've tried a lot of different tools since then, but they feel either too light in my hands or just plain... weird. For example, the more common tools have skinnier handles: they're just too thin for me.

These have meatier handles.

This is unsanitary, but when I switch between the two, I usually just bite down on the handle of the one I'm not using. It just saves me time then to put it down and then pick it up again. I don't remember when I first started doing this... I don't even realize when I do it anymore.

- A

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  1. OH MY GOD HI. You're back!
    I love the teeny mother of pearl wing beads <3

    Welcome back.


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