a small update.

Recently I haven't made any earrings. 

I've always said that it takes me forever to think up designs... I meant it then, and I still mean it now. My last couple 'sessions' have ended with no results. The last time I made earrings was about three or so months ago I think. I've tried. I don't know how many hours I sat at my desk, staring into my bead collection to the point where I almost convinced myself I needed more to get inspired.

It may be why I've tried to expand to necklaces.

Here are three miracle pairs I managed to think up three months ago.


Pretty simple design. I like the length and how the white beads cascade down. The pink and white are clean and simple.

COMPONENTS: ball silver headpins, white beads, silver headpins, coral flowers, silver chain, petite hooks


Again, pretty simple.

COMPONENTS: silver hooks, pearl wings, silver chain, silver ball headpin, silver wire, blue square bead


This pair is more elaborate and top-heavy.

COMPONENTS: silver chain, pearl wing, cubic zirconia drop, coral tulip, milky rondelle, small blue beads, seed beads, silver hooks.

Also, I've been taking apart earrings that I don't like anymore and I'm trying to create something new. I'm going to try to make some this weekend. Wish me luck!

- A

Oh, because of blogger's hiccup the last few days, I lost whatever comments were made on the last post :(


  1. Yay!!! A lot of updates! I love your designs and your picture posts. I just love visiting your blog just to look at the pictures!(and of course your pretty designs) <333

  2. Hey~ Glad to see you've been updating! Would you be willing to sell the pairs you don't like? I absolutely love the earrings you make!

  3. This happens to me sometimes too. The first pair is my favorite...Happy to see updates!

  4. all your beads and earrings make me drool. lol but i was looking through some old soompi stuff and i saw 2 pairs of earrings i really liked. if you still have them would you be willing to sell them?

  5. your blog is frickin adorable~~! awesome source of inspiration ^0^


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