So for my Rodarte Hair Pin tutorial, I bought a ton of acrylic stars. A ton. More than I would ever need ever. I was staring at them trying to figure out what in the world I could do with them.

I thought up these kind of crazy star stud earrings. Shooting star? I don't know.

Curious? Read on!

Materials you will need: Posts, nail polish, glue and acrylic stars.

First off, Michaels was having a sale on these wedding favors that I couldn't resist purchasing because I have problems. These glass jars remind me of the candy jars at my parent's convenience store.

Line up your stars. I have large earlobes, lol, so my first star is quite large. They slope smaller in size and I laid them out to curl up.

You can totally use all tiny stars, or all medium sized ones, or big ones, or anything.

Now I have two versions of the next step.


You can glue the stars physically together.

Warning, it's a bit of a mess. Always, always make sure you have proper ventilation if you're working with E6000, the stuff is strong. Don't worry about the glue pooling or being visible, we'll paint over it.

OR you can cut a small strip of thick paper and glue the stars on that. I thought of this after the mess that was the first step, lol.

It's harder to have the stars curve with this way though.

After you have done gluing, let it cure/dry.

Then it's painting time!

The rare times I paint my nails it's usually black/dark burgundy, so I went out to Duane Reade and purchased all these cheap polishes.

I'm not sure which technique is better, one thick layer, or several thin ones. The clear stars are definitely easier to paint, I can't promise that the colors of the stars wont show through, esp. at the ridges.

I'm feeling the matte white. I want to paint a matte black one. I'm going to have to redo it, with more curve.

Almost done!

Glue on your post and let dry.

I still need to play around with these. They don't stick to my ear the way I want them too... I'm thinking I'll need to wire wrap a cuff or use double-stick tape, haha.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!

- A



Long time no see!

I've been super busy for the few months, plus with the added bonus of Hurricane Sandy destroying New Jersey... It's been rough. I lost my car to flooding and I work at a newspaper, so it's been really hectic. It's finally starting to slowly normalize, and for that I am grateful.

I've been getting the sweetest emails about this blog, and I have not forgotten it!

Materials needed: Elastics & a pair of scissors

Before I start, there are also a ton of great tutorials that can be found online.


These hair ties are ridiculously easy to make and pretty darn cheap, especially since they go for $12 for five at Anthro, and $9.50 for three at Aerie. Since I live close to NYC, I just popped on over to M&J, not knowing what I would find, just that I was looking for elastic trim.

I did not expect such a huge selection. In the garment district, I am a little kid in the candy store.

taken with my phone

My wardrobe mostly consists of dark colors so I was drawn to their black section. More than likely I will keep the tie on my wrist since I usually have my hair down, so I wanted something subtle.

I picked the different trims based on aesthetics and... stretchiness. I was sitting on the floor pulling on the ends, testing the different strengths. There's no point if there is no give, right?

I ended up purchasing seven different patterns. Most of the trims were $1.98 per yard, averaging about 4-5 hair ties a yard. The velvet one was the most expensive.

Wrap the elastic around your wrist, leaving about an inch, inch and a half on either side. I like to wear my ties a little snug, and with use they send to stretch a bit.

Snip the ends at a diagonal. It seems less likely to fray this way, don't know why.

Super easy, make a knot and pull, pull, pull~

A quick tip, this velvet one had to be cut longer than the others:

1. It is thicker material
2. It is wider material

A couple tests of stretchiness:


A quick bracelet:


My attempt to photograph the tie in my hair. I recently dyed my hair burgundy.

I love that these don't leave marks on my wrists.

Thank you for reading!

- A

A peek into my desk...

I finally found time to sit down and make earrings with my new chains and goodies. I'm super excited to share them with you all soon!

I need to purchase more earring hooks! These are all I have left. I'm a fan of these petite hooks. I think straight up gunmetal black is all I'm going to purchase though, no more brass or silver.

Laying out earrings and brainstorming ideas.



I haven't done a non-tutorial post in awhile!

I recently moved to Jersey City for a 9 month internship. Since I'm close to NYC, I decided to hop onto a PATH train and check out the bead stores. I went to about six different ones. Living so close is going to be murder on my wallet.

I picked up some gorgeous chains that I will use to double as charms.

(I've been scouring etsy for tiny charms and I was glad I didn't end up purchasing any because these chains were perfect to use instead.)

the first store

You can only purchase by the foot, but its a very generous amount, about two charms a jump ring.




And I thought my chain buying was over... but I was wrong.

the last store

How cute are the skulls? Total impulse purchase.

I plan on adding these babies to earrings and ear cuffs. Be on the lookout!



Thanks for reading!



Okay, so anti-dust plugs. They are everywhere in Korean stationary stores. I have no idea where they came from or who thought of them, but I do know they are super pricey for what they are, averaging $6  for a charm on a plug.

I got a whole bag of plugs for like $3 off ebay. What are anti-dust plugs? They are plugs that fit into your headphone jack, apparently made to keep out dust.

Then I guess someone thought of gluing something cute on top.

To be upfront, I know these are totally unnecessary and frivolous accessories. And potentially annoying if you use headphones. But they are fun and it's another way of customizing your phone, esp. if you don't have a charm hole. Plus they are super easy and cheap to make.

I made 4 different kinds.


  • Plugs (bought mine here)
  • Geo beads (tutorial here)
  • Glue

  1. Put glue on plugs
  2. Stick to bead
  3. Let dry



Choose which way you want your beads to lay.

cell phone straps

  •  cell phone strap (bought mine from Michaels)
  • plugs
  • charms/beads
  • headpins

Before finishing your loop, attach it to the jumpring from the strap.

You can take any strap and thread it through the plug.


Thanks for reading!

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