New beads means new creations !

Hello everyone!

So I recently bought new beads for the first time in a long time.

There was a time when I used to get packages after packages of beads from Etsy. (I think getting packages on its own was addictive! haha.)

Boy, they were pricey! 

The coral beads (as you can see) were $5.50 per strand. I bought two strands, they're super tiny and versatile. The metal strands were all about $8-$9 each.

I spent a couple hours today trying to see what I could do with them. I like the tones together.

Yes, I'm working on styrofoam plates, lol. I'm a mess.

I love these 'diamonds'. They're so glittery, top quality too. I'm running out, need to buy some more soon.

I made a couple finished pairs.

Then I decided I wanted to make more tutorials so I made one earring at a time--I put the materials together to make the second earring in a separate place.

Which ones would you like to see as a tutorial?

- A


  1. the star earrings look really nice =]

  2. I like the star one also!
    But the angel wing would be nice too!

    <33 Rena

  3. OMG everything is so pretty.
    Sigh I wish I was a more creative person. I don't usually like to wear dangley earrings (I'm more of a stud person) but I honestly want to wear all of the earrings you have made. They're totally my style.
    LOL you totally make me want to go join my school's craft club. HAHA but I'm so bad with anything artsy.
    Keep up the good work. LOL my tutorial request would be the golden bow one with the single white pearl. But just to see the pretty pictures and day dream :D

  4. Oh my gosh. These are so beautiful.

    You really inspire me to get into jewelry making! .. Just wondering if it's an expensive craft/hobby? But it would be soooo handy and practical since I love earrings and studs!

  5. Kittin: Thank you (:
    Rena: Your wish is my command! The tuts will be up soon!
    Cindii: haha and I def just went on an online bead binge ~
    Laurie: Thank you for your comment! I love the earrings I make but I rarely wear them because my personal style is really different. Golden bow? Done.
    lychii: Thank you! I would say... it depends on your materials, it does add up. You'll need your bases: headpins and hooks. Then, you'll need whatever beads/charms/etc that you want. + tools. For studs, you would just need the needles + the cabochons. I think the price is worth it though (:

  6. Oooh, thanks! I was just wondering, could you possibly write up a guide to jewelry making for beginners?


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