new year resolutions

Hey everyone, It's been forever. 

I've been neglectful! But it's a new year, and for a resolution I vowed to update a blog once a week--and that is between this blog and my photo blog. I've never been able to keep a diary as a kid, I wonder if that is a reason why I can't regularly update a blog. 

So new year, (almost) new blog. 2011 was a memorable one. I fell in love, interned at a newspaper, became a bridesmaid, got my first and only tattoo, upgraded my DSLR, photographed a navy homecoming, turned 21, and ultimately graduated university two quarters early.

Right now, I'm in transition. Hopefully you will walk down whichever path with me (:

I have also decided to slowly photograph my earrings again. Yes, all 98083409348 pairs, haha.

I don't know if I have ever shown this pair. This is kind of crazy, over the top piece. I have never worn it.

There is a lot going on.
  • Pink vintage beads: Bead Haven
  • Brass bows/horse charms: Etsy
  • Pearls/Rondelles: Michaels

I'm trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this blog. Originally, I wanted to have a little place on the internet to post photographs of my hobby. I still do, but I'm thinking of expanding unto DIY, photography, and thrift. What does everyone think?

- A


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  2. Welcome back! I would love to see all your earrings and thrift finds! I also want to try some DIY! Photography is always a plus! Update more please!

    And congrats on all the success! It sounds like you accomplished a whole lot! Happy Belated 21st Birthday! I wonder what your tattoo is/looks like! I've been a bridesmaid, too, but didn't really realize that it was my first time so. LOL

    <33 Rena

  3. Welcome back! Gorgeous earrings as usual! Sounds like you had a super busy year~ I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures. (Also, DIY sounds fabulous!)

  4. I love this pair! I wish you had an Etsy or something.

  5. Aww! 2011 sounded like an awesome year for you! & your photographs are so lovely!


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