EARRING SHOWCASE: coral, chevron & spikes

I realized I haven't made a post in awhile just showing you guys what I've made recently. 

Lately I've been obsessed with these coral, chevron and spike beads. When I sit down to make earrings, my hands go to those materials first. I'm going to be in a coral rut soon, lol.

Next purchase on my list: turquoise spikes !

I usually don't make the same earring twice, but for these I made an exception because I had some gold/black chain.

Actually, I lied, because I made doubles of these too because of the chain, haha. I have the same chain in pink but I have yet to think of any design using it.

I think I like the black chain more because of the contrast, but because my hair is so dark, I think the white pairs will look better on me.

These spikes are actually from a necklace I bought offline and then took apart. There are many different lengths; since these are long I thought they would be a good focal bead. The shorter ones I use as accents (as seen above).

I love the look of white, gold and blue. 

I personally think gold looks better on me, so I tend to make more gold pieces. For this collection, I'm honestly using gold because the chain has gold in it. I wish there was white/silver or black/silver chain. I have yet to find any!

Thank you for viewing!

- A



    <33 Rena

  2. My latest discovery is that Ross / Marshalls has really unique and pretty jewelry holders. Thought of you :)


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