geo ear cuff + geo collar connector

gold plastic charms turned into ear cuffs

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EARRING TUTORIAL: chevron & coral


First off, lets make the coral rose dangle and put it aside.

Take one of the ball headpins and slip on the coral rose, then the bead cap. Bend the headpin to a 90 degree angle, clip off the excess. Start from the tip and bend the pin until you make your standard loop. Do not close it, and put it aside.

Next, we'll put together our small beads that will hang off the jump ring. The same procedure, slip the beads unto the headpin, close the loop and repeat.

So far, you'll have:

It'll be better to close all your loops on the small beads.

Now you'll open your jumpring.

Slip on your five small beads + your chain. Close the jumpring.

Take your coral rose piece you assembled and connect it to the bottom of your chain.

You're almost done!!

Take one of your discarded ends from a snipped ballpin. Curve the end 90 degrees and make a loop.

Slip on two chevron beads. Make a loop, add your hook then close it.

Now just connect the two parts!

Now you're finished!

Thank you for reading (:
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I love the look of metal peeking out from under button down collars.

So I went looking through etsy for supplies and found some cut brass tubing that I thought would be perfect to use to make simple bar necklaces. Then I saw the price: $6 for six short tubes? Plus shipping? Nope, no thanks.

I took a trip to my local hardware store and found some brass tubing for less than $1 a pop! I sawed the tubes to desired lengths, sanded the ends, and voila, profit :)

I ran some gold wire inside a square bar, wire wrapped the end hoops and connected them to a brass chain.

Super cheap and easy to construct.

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Ear Cuffs

Do you guys remember the clip-on earrings from this post?

A confession: I've never worn them. They have just been sitting with my stud collection for months. I absolutely love the charms though, they're so quirky, especially the cupid. So I decided to take one of the earrings apart and make some ear cuffs. This way, they'll be put to use.

Nothing complicated, the materials were just: ear cuffs, jump rings and charms. To replicate, you don't really need tools as long as you have the nails to bend the rings. It's so easy, a minute later and tada, something new and different to wear.

This is a good way to upcycle old vintage clip on jewelry.

Three ear cuffs from one earring, it's a good deal. I'm going to keep a lookout for vintage jewelry during spring yard sale time! Can't wait.

A 'connected' ear cuff. I don't know what to call these kinds of earrings. I think these need to be kept simple. I don't really like the look of hooks for ear cuffs, so I ordered rhinestone studs. I hope to get them soon! 

Thanks for reading, be back soon with photographs of some new creations.

- A

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