Ear Cuffs

Do you guys remember the clip-on earrings from this post?

A confession: I've never worn them. They have just been sitting with my stud collection for months. I absolutely love the charms though, they're so quirky, especially the cupid. So I decided to take one of the earrings apart and make some ear cuffs. This way, they'll be put to use.

Nothing complicated, the materials were just: ear cuffs, jump rings and charms. To replicate, you don't really need tools as long as you have the nails to bend the rings. It's so easy, a minute later and tada, something new and different to wear.

This is a good way to upcycle old vintage clip on jewelry.

Three ear cuffs from one earring, it's a good deal. I'm going to keep a lookout for vintage jewelry during spring yard sale time! Can't wait.

A 'connected' ear cuff. I don't know what to call these kinds of earrings. I think these need to be kept simple. I don't really like the look of hooks for ear cuffs, so I ordered rhinestone studs. I hope to get them soon! 

Thanks for reading, be back soon with photographs of some new creations.

- A


  1. Saw this via tumblr -- such a beautiful and cool idea!

  2. Love it! I'm on the lookout for vintage brooches this spring! I hope to incorporate them into my outfits more often!

    <33 Rena

  3. I love them! Where did you buy the ear cuffs?

  4. Where do you get the cuffs?!

  5. How do you actually CREATE the earcuffs?


  6. Clarissa & Anonymous: I bought the ear cuffs off etsy (:

    If you wanted to create the cuffs, you could take raw brass sheets, saw them into small strips, drill a hole, then bend them into shape. don't forget to sand down the edges~


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