EARRING TUTORIAL: chevron & coral


First off, lets make the coral rose dangle and put it aside.

Take one of the ball headpins and slip on the coral rose, then the bead cap. Bend the headpin to a 90 degree angle, clip off the excess. Start from the tip and bend the pin until you make your standard loop. Do not close it, and put it aside.

Next, we'll put together our small beads that will hang off the jump ring. The same procedure, slip the beads unto the headpin, close the loop and repeat.

So far, you'll have:

It'll be better to close all your loops on the small beads.

Now you'll open your jumpring.

Slip on your five small beads + your chain. Close the jumpring.

Take your coral rose piece you assembled and connect it to the bottom of your chain.

You're almost done!!

Take one of your discarded ends from a snipped ballpin. Curve the end 90 degrees and make a loop.

Slip on two chevron beads. Make a loop, add your hook then close it.

Now just connect the two parts!

Now you're finished!

Thank you for reading (:
- A


  1. I love your style! Great tutorial~

  2. Extremely beautiful! Hope I get to try it out soon~

  3. Hello! I just found your blog and I love it!Also the earrings are so cute!!But I have a question: From where did you buy the chevron beads?


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