A couple work in progresses

So usually anytime I go somewhere different/travel, I like to hit up two places: bead stores and thrift stores. 

While I was in Rochester, I did both (:

I went to Bead Breakout and bought a couple things that totalled to about seven dollars. If you're in that area, I would recommend the shop. Tons of different items, decent pricing, great customer service.

I bought these 'evil eye' pearl beads. They're drilled through. I bought six, but one of them broke when I shut the door on the bag :( So I'm out one pair, I'm going to have an odd man out that I might have to make into a cuff?

A little freaky right? Oddly hard to look away though...

Studs are ridiculously easy to make. As long as you have the needles, you can glue on anything you want... charms, buttons, ribbons, beads, clay, anything.

I also bought a strand of pearl drops--they're shown below. Bead Breakout had a trunk show with tons of strands for cheap.

When I make earrings, I usually try to put together all the smaller components first. For this pair, that meant putting all the beads on headpins.

After I'm done with that, I lay everything out.

Almost done!

The final beads I bought at the store were these bright flat blue leaf beads.

Sometimes before I do anything, I lay down beads to try and figure out designs.

Designing is the hardest part.

I decided the best way to do this was with wire.

PROS: Looks most like my design.
CONS; Not 'flowy'-- it doesn't really dangle.

Maybe I will make it just with headpins and see how it compares.

I ended up not liking how the middle part looked where the chain was attached so I added a metal bead to mask it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. AHH! I love the second pair!

  2. Haha cute!!They say that these eyes bring good luck !! I also LOVE the second pair! It is so vintage style!

  3. The evil eye pair, I need those in my life


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