I like making shapes out of seed beads. Usually they are tiny triangles or circles, little playful accents.

I was experimenting with making the shapes 10x bigger and seeing if I could do anything with them. I came up with a playful 'kite' shaped earring, which is easily customizable.

You will also need pliers + wire cutters, as usual.

First you're going to have to snip a length of wire big enough to hold all your seed beads. I would say to be safe, a foot is more than plenty.

Start adding your seed beads. There are 'two' sides to the kite. First, you will add ONE side, I put 21 beads for each side, so for now, I'm putting on 21 beads.

Set it aside.

I'm using six metal beads. Slip them unto your headpins and make your usual loops. Close three of the six.

On your wire, add two of the metal beads, your length of chain, and then another metal bead.

Then add your remaining 21 seed beads to finish the other side.

Pull your two sides up to meet each other. Twist the two ends together.

You can squish the sides a little to start making your 'kite' shape.

Make your wired loop.

Slip on your stud then close the loop.

Squeeze the sides and create your sharp corners. I made my top end shorter than the bottom.

Add your remaining metal beads to your chain, making your tail (: I put mine in a cascading pattern near the base.

I also made a pair using lace instead of the metal beads.

You can add whatever you want to the tail, which I think is the genius part!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this playful tutorial.

- A


  1. Beautiful! I'll try this out sometime!

  2. Oh this is so perfect! I actually dropped by to ask for a tutorial on what to do with seed beads! Now I have plenty :D

    Btw, how thick is the wire you use?

  3. jonalee; Thank you so much, I hope you do (;

    L: Thanks! the wire is 24gauge. I love seed beads, I'll try to think up more tutorials.


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