The Plaid Barn Review

I was super excited to finally receive my package from The Plaid Barn! 


When I saw this pop up in my email, I knew I had to pick it up. If you read my blog, you know I love stud earrings, especially using flower cabs. I had never bought chrysanthemums in the past, so I was  super excited. Especially for approx. 40 pieces for $1.47? Amazing.

I ended up buying 15 sets so my total with shipping was $25 flat. It took a little over a month from order-arrival.


What I first noticed was how translucent most of the cabs were.

I was really surprised. I thought they were all going to be opaque. (In the sample photographs all of the cabs were opaque.) Then I reread the fine print and it said out of 22 assorted colors; which covered the more translucent cabs.

It really is just personal preference, and I just so happen to like the more opaque colors.

Unluckily for me though, the majority of the cabs I received were more translucent.

I got about 148 opaque cabs, which would total about 4/15 sets. The remaining 11 sets were translucent  colors.

Again, there was nothing physically wrong with the more translucent cabs, I just wasn't expecting them.

This color is gorgeous-- but I did get a disproportionate amount of honestly quite dull colors. I was a bit disappointed, but I guess I just drew an unlucky bag.

Also, since I ordered 15 sets of approx. 40 pcs, so approx. 600 in all, give or take... 20? I received 557 in all.

These four colors are my favorite!

I ended  up doing the usual, bobby pins and stud earrings.

Overall, the Plaid Barn is a new company trying to smooth out its kinks. I respect that they answer customer's emails promptly. I also respect that they apologized and refunded shipping costs when they thought shipping was taking too long.

And in the end, they did deliver based on their description:

Did anyone else order the cabs, and what colors did everyone get?

- A


  1. Wow the cabs look stunning and colors are so beautiful! Such a shame I missed out on the deal >.<

    Can't wait to see what else you do with them!

  2. I wish we had this kind of deals in France !!!! I think I would order everyday ;-) these cabochons are so expensive here...
    I love the colors (my fav are the rose & the mint) and the translucent ones are great too.

  3. Oh you are so lucky! Every time Plaid Barn has cabochons for sale I always miss it! Love your studs!

  4. I almost purchased these but I resisted. I recently ordered the Hot Summer Goodies Box. :) Have you checked out pickmyplum.com ?


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