EARRING TUTORIAL; Filigree and Flowers

I went to my local bead store the other day and picked up these awesome gold filigree findings. When I got home I started experimenting with beads when I remembered I had these cabs and thought they would be a perfect fit.

+ pliers, wire cutters, and headpins

A quick shout out to Lisa. All those beautiful sparkly beads in the left bottom corner came from her in our bead swap. Super generous, I was really happy to see them included because I have never really worked with them and it was a great sampling. Everyone should check her out. Her pieces are timeless and of really great quality. Plus, she makes beauty products that have gotten great reviews.

On to the tutorial!

+ headpins. I didn't realize I had forgotten the headpins for this photograph until a lot later into  the tutorial.

First, use your favorite glue to attach the cab to the middle of the filigree stamp. I'm using E-6000.

(Here are the headpins, lol)

Set it aside to dry.

Next, slide your bead unto the headpin and make your loop. Learn how to make the loop here. Don't close them.

Set them aside.

Next, take the lace and tie it into a know. If you can make a real bow, you can totally do that instead. I'm a terrible bow maker and I do it this way, haha.

Slide the knot of the bow unto your earring hook.

It will look like this. I used to tie the knot ON the hook, but it usually came out crooked. (I don't know if that was from my bad bow skills though...)

Now take your dry main piece and hang it from the hook, behind the lace.

Almost done!

Then take your bead and hang it off the bottom. Don't forget to close your loop!

Snip the excess lace.

Now you're done! Pretty easy, right?

These earrings are really customizable.

You can;

  • Use ribbon instead of lace
  • Hang more than one bead on the bottom
  • Different beads and color combos!
  • Studs instead of hooks

Thank you for viewing!

- A

PS. If any fellow crafters are out there, I would love to participate in more bead swaps!



I recently moved so I took the time to organize all my jewelry. Here are a couple tips and ideas!

1. Repurpose broken jewelry stands. The birdcage on the left doesn't spin correctly, it gets loose and super wobbly. So instead of using it as an earring holder, I just drape necklaces over it.

2. Make a frame jewelry holder. Thrift an awesome frame, cut cork board to the correct size, add a line of wire, and finished. To hold my metal studs I glued lace around a small tin and hung it on the wire.

3. Cute thrifted bowls are your friend.

4. Office supplies are never off limits. This is just a regular cork board and pushpins.

5. Utilize unique items. I use miniature easels to hold my hair-ties. I found this mini-shopping cart at a yard sale.

6. Buy seasonal items from craft stores AFTER the holiday. I LOVE ceramic egg crates, and I got them for super cheap at various craft stores after Easter.

7. Handles rock. I took the drawers off a broken wardrobe and put it on my windowsill. I slung necklaces over the pulls.

Thanks for reading!

- A



So this is going to be a super short, super easy tutorial.

When I went to H&M I bought two metal ponytail cuffs. I really like them, but for $4.99 each I couldn't bring myself to purchase any more. 

I thought I could dupe it somehow, so I went to the hardware store to check out plumbing gear or something of that sort. Nothing really caught my eye so I ended up walking out empty handed.

Next I went to the thrift store, I had given up, when I found these napkin holders for a quarter each. Lightbulb! I thought it might work...

I have really thick hair so the larger width didn't bother me, but for extra insurance I glued a bobby pin to one side (that way I could pin it to the hair-tie).

The one on the left is from H&M, the one on the right is my version.

The H&M one is connected directly to the hair-tie. Also, its on a spring so you can pull it open.

Here is how the H&M one works:

Now for my version:

  1. Tie your hair.
  2. Tie your hair a second time near the bottom of the tail
  3. Slip on your napkin holder
  4. Slide the bobby pin unto your top ponytail
  5. Undo your bottom ponytail

Super easy right?

You can always spray paint other napkin holders gold/silver and ta-da, you have your own metal ponytail cuff.

Thanks for reading.

- a


OLD into NEW

Hello everyone!

I went to a local thrift store last week and snatched up this necklace:

I was looking down into the jewelry cases while waiting in line not really expecting to find anything. This piece caught my eye right away. I mean look at how sparkly--it wasn't anything I would personally wear, but it was too pretty to pass up.

I got super excited when I saw the clear dangles on either side were charms. That's when it hit me.

I could take it apart and use the components for earrings. I have a history of purchasing F21 necklaces for their chains, but thrift/vintage necklaces is a first for me.

Great quality, good weight, good color. I used pliers and opened all the jump rings holding the charms on.

I ended up with 28 clear dangles.

Super bling, haha. I could have kept the choker as is, but my neck was too thick for it, lol. If you look closely, you can see the loops where the dangles were connected. I used wire cutters to snip the rhinestones so I could have some extra charms.

So now I had two new components to work with!

  1. Clear dangles
  2. Rhinestone charms

I was so inspired.

I was also a mess, don't work like me, haha.

I started laying out different earrings ideas, placing things down, taking them away, etc. After a few colorful pairs I started using the same color palate of gold/white/black, which is matches my personal style more.

I haven't made this many earrings in one sitting for awhile. You'll see that each pair either has a clear dangle, rhinestone charm or both.

Also, my friend commented that all the earrings I make are gold... which is a good observation and a correct one.

What it comes down to is that all the chain I have is gold... if the two-toned white/black chains were in silver I would gladly use silver, until then, I have to stick with gold haha.


white seed beads, turquoise drops, rhinestone charms


pink round beads, clear charms, clear crystals


brass cuff, clear charm


blue round beads, pearl leaves, coral beads, rhinestone charms


spikes, rhinestone charms, clear charms, pyrite nuggets


rose beads, pearl birds, clear dangles, pearl leaves


chevron beads, white discs, pearls, rhinestone charms


white discs, clear dangles, rhinestone charms


clear dangles, pearl stars, rhinestone charms


pearl birds, clear dangles, crystals


pearl birds, chevron beads, clear dangles, rhinestone charms

12 & 13

gold spacer beads, clear dangles, rhinestone charms


chevron beads, white seed beads, clear dangles, rhinestone charms

the end!

One necklace helped make 14 new pieces of jewelry.

Which one is your favorite? Do you upcycle your thrifted jewelry?

- A

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