So this is going to be a super short, super easy tutorial.

When I went to H&M I bought two metal ponytail cuffs. I really like them, but for $4.99 each I couldn't bring myself to purchase any more. 

I thought I could dupe it somehow, so I went to the hardware store to check out plumbing gear or something of that sort. Nothing really caught my eye so I ended up walking out empty handed.

Next I went to the thrift store, I had given up, when I found these napkin holders for a quarter each. Lightbulb! I thought it might work...

I have really thick hair so the larger width didn't bother me, but for extra insurance I glued a bobby pin to one side (that way I could pin it to the hair-tie).

The one on the left is from H&M, the one on the right is my version.

The H&M one is connected directly to the hair-tie. Also, its on a spring so you can pull it open.

Here is how the H&M one works:

Now for my version:

  1. Tie your hair.
  2. Tie your hair a second time near the bottom of the tail
  3. Slip on your napkin holder
  4. Slide the bobby pin unto your top ponytail
  5. Undo your bottom ponytail

Super easy right?

You can always spray paint other napkin holders gold/silver and ta-da, you have your own metal ponytail cuff.

Thanks for reading.

- a


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