I haven't done a non-tutorial post in awhile!

I recently moved to Jersey City for a 9 month internship. Since I'm close to NYC, I decided to hop onto a PATH train and check out the bead stores. I went to about six different ones. Living so close is going to be murder on my wallet.

I picked up some gorgeous chains that I will use to double as charms.

(I've been scouring etsy for tiny charms and I was glad I didn't end up purchasing any because these chains were perfect to use instead.)

the first store

You can only purchase by the foot, but its a very generous amount, about two charms a jump ring.




And I thought my chain buying was over... but I was wrong.

the last store

How cute are the skulls? Total impulse purchase.

I plan on adding these babies to earrings and ear cuffs. Be on the lookout!



Thanks for reading!


  1. Do you mind me asking which stores in NYC you found them at??

  2. The chains are sooo cute! I've been trying to find chains like that online for cheap, but so success. I really wish some more craft stores would open around here. I can't find any place that sells chains...

  3. Those chains are so cute! Which stores did you visit? I haven't been to much bead shops in nyc because of the prices (the only one I've been to is Michaels but only when they have 40%-50% off coupons).

  4. Hey everyone, I got the first couple of chains from Bead Center, and the other chains I think at Fun 2 Bead, both are on 6th. Not going to lie, they were pricey, about 7-10 bucks a strand. Thanks!

  5. Had to search for this post... but was wondering if the jump rings are still reusable (if yes, are they just as sturdy) after you cut them to take the charms out?


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