Long time no see!

I've been super busy for the few months, plus with the added bonus of Hurricane Sandy destroying New Jersey... It's been rough. I lost my car to flooding and I work at a newspaper, so it's been really hectic. It's finally starting to slowly normalize, and for that I am grateful.

I've been getting the sweetest emails about this blog, and I have not forgotten it!

Materials needed: Elastics & a pair of scissors

Before I start, there are also a ton of great tutorials that can be found online.


These hair ties are ridiculously easy to make and pretty darn cheap, especially since they go for $12 for five at Anthro, and $9.50 for three at Aerie. Since I live close to NYC, I just popped on over to M&J, not knowing what I would find, just that I was looking for elastic trim.

I did not expect such a huge selection. In the garment district, I am a little kid in the candy store.

taken with my phone

My wardrobe mostly consists of dark colors so I was drawn to their black section. More than likely I will keep the tie on my wrist since I usually have my hair down, so I wanted something subtle.

I picked the different trims based on aesthetics and... stretchiness. I was sitting on the floor pulling on the ends, testing the different strengths. There's no point if there is no give, right?

I ended up purchasing seven different patterns. Most of the trims were $1.98 per yard, averaging about 4-5 hair ties a yard. The velvet one was the most expensive.

Wrap the elastic around your wrist, leaving about an inch, inch and a half on either side. I like to wear my ties a little snug, and with use they send to stretch a bit.

Snip the ends at a diagonal. It seems less likely to fray this way, don't know why.

Super easy, make a knot and pull, pull, pull~

A quick tip, this velvet one had to be cut longer than the others:

1. It is thicker material
2. It is wider material

A couple tests of stretchiness:


A quick bracelet:


My attempt to photograph the tie in my hair. I recently dyed my hair burgundy.

I love that these don't leave marks on my wrists.

Thank you for reading!

- A


  1. Your blog is so adorable! and I love this tutorial, I will be trying this one! :)


  2. Loved the article and your hair looks fantastic! :)


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