So lately I've been obsessed with fishbone chain. (Lately as in the past three months and I've just been too lazy to take photographs.) I haven't done a 'showcase' in awhile, and since earrings are the backbone of this blog, and it's a new year, I figured I should start out with one~ (+ a mini tutorial)

I don't know what exactly attracts me so much to this chain. I just find it so ... sexy? Is that totally crazy? There is something really attractive about the chain...

I found the chains in a couple different bead stores in the garment district in NYC. If anyone is interested, I'm thinking of doing a bead store review--customer service, supplies, prices, etc.

The chains are pretty pricey, I want to say average $6-9 a foot. The prices vary with the different metals-- gold is more pricey than gunmetal for example. There are also silver and bronze chains, but I passed on those since I don't really wear those colors.

From what I can see there are two variations (shown here in gunmetal):

1. Thicker, bigger and hammered/textured
2. More thin, and smooth

Sexy, right?

The thing about this chain, is that there is no way of separating it without losing a link. (Or at least, I haven't discovered a way yet).

Also, it's so easy to make different combinations with the chain! It's so decorative on it's own, that all you have to do is add a bead or two. For this pair, I'm using these pearl sheep that I bought years ago.

Chain, sheep, stars, jumprings and headpins

All you have to do is connect everything with the jumpring, and voila, finished. Simple, right? I can knock out a pair in like three minutes.

Now, on to the showcase.














And that is the end of Part 1. I had to break down the showcase because I'm out of petite hooks so I'm waiting on a package to finish the rest of the earrings.

Happy New Years everyone, I'm contemplating doing a 2012 round-up, but are you guys sick of seeing those?

- A


  1. oh please do review your favorite supply stores! i really want to get crafty and i'm stuck as to where to get supplies.

    those fishbone chains are so unique! never seen anything like that before.

  2. Oh, so cute!!Do you sell your jewellery? If you don't you should!

  3. I'd totally love a review of craft stores! ^^

  4. I love numbers 10 and 12 on here!!

  5. I saw all your cabochron earrings and thought you'd love this site! They also have cheap findings and cute bow charms! I just ordered a bunch to make some studs!! Thanks for the idea I love your blog :)

  6. I recently discovered your blog and let me just say I am obsessed! I LOVE making earrings and accessories in general so if feel like your blog was made for me! Keep up the inspiring work!

  7. This is my all time favourite blog! You are so inspirational and creative!
    Love from Sweden

  8. everything looks beautiful! as always, i love your color palette ^^

  9. I loved the fishbonethingie so much, I decided to give it a try myself. This is the result:


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