Bead Caps

When I purchased this piece  I also picked up these teeny gold bead caps. (The original reason why I wanted to visit Toho was to look for some caps.)

Bead caps are decorative metal pieces that usually 'cap' a bead, either from on top or on bottom, or you can add them to both sides if you're feeling adventurous.

I didn't even realize I had so many different kinds until I fished them out for the photograph. I went through a serious brass phase a couple years back. Caps can range from being simple/ornate to flat/cone-shaped and come in various sizes. It's nice to experiment with different combinations.

A couple examples:

I like how they can add a touch of detail to simple creations.

They can also 'finish' off an earring.

Thanks for reading! What is your opinion on caps?

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