When I'm in a creative slump and it's hard to think up completely new pieces, I'll go through my earring collection and find pairs I'm not 100% satisfied with to try and rework.

Usually they're small edits. Take this pair, I took off the large jump rings-- and added smaller ones + a connector at the top. The large jump rings were fine, but I thought they overwhelmed the overall design.

When I take things apart I always end up with bits and pieces. The rejects.

Since they're already on headpins, I don't pull them apart, I store them for future use.

  • makes it easier to visualize new creations
  • makes it faster to make new creations

Currently, I keep them all in a cute geometric bowl I picked up at Target. Sometimes I look at people's workspaces and wonder where they put all their orphans.

This makes it easy for me to grab pieces, or throw them in.

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