Whenever I go bead shopping in the city, it's when I think it's time to restock on things such as headpins, jump rings and chains. I usually stop in multiple stores--6th is lined with them so it's easy to walk a couple of blocks and easily hit up five or six shops.

I went into Toho Shoji and was browsing the aisles when I saw this scalloped gold piece. I instantly thought of making a mixing palette ring. I'm a use-my-finger-to-apply-bbcream-kind-of-girl but thought this would make for a fun tutorial.

This is simple to make. I already had all the materials (sans the gold piece) at home already. It's a basic stick-and-glue and really you only need three materials. Pretty cheap to create depending on what kind of plate you decide to use, it would be easy to whip out a couple in minutes. (And it would make cute little gifts for girl friends.)

  • the palette // needs to be smooth and easy to clean
  • ring base
  • glue // I'm using E-6000
  • jump rings + charm

The piece reminds me of an oval ritz cracker.

For your palette, you can use stamping blanks.

This is an unnecessary step, but since my piece has a loop, I decided to add a charm.

Place a generous dollop of glue on your ring base. As always, do this in a well-ventilated area, E-6000 is strong.

Place the piece on top. Set aside to cure overnight. Finished!

PLEASE REMEMBER to sanitize between use! 

Thank you for reading!

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