chain hack

Here is how I match up chain lengths for earrings. When I was first starting out, I would count out each loop, oh no, not anymore.

I'm going to use a headpin for this, but you can use anything that is straight and can fit through chain links.

First I cut the first length of chain that I want.

Time to cut my second piece.

Take your headpin and slide the uncut length of chain + the cut length.

Now just cut the other side to match. For the sake of the photo I have the piece lying down, but I usually hold it suspended to eyeball + cut.

Now it's time to make something (:


tousle me some tassels

After this tutorial, I wanted to see what else I could make with tassels.
Usually when tassels are created for/as earrings, they're the main focal point. Take my tutorial, they're pretty much the whole earring.
For these pairs, I wanted the tassels to be shorter.

Here are the materials for a light blue pair. (You can see the finished maroon pair.)
  • tassels
  • jump rings
  • 3 leaf charms
  • pearls
  • head pins
  • connectors
  • gold beads
I added the leaf charm/pearl bead to cover the top half of the tassel.
I could have created these without the added chain, but I think it adds a nice balance and weight.



Stretch bracelets are so easy to make it's almost insulting to you guys that I would create such an image-heavy tutorial. Almost.

  • elastic / I bought this gold elastic from Michaels-- it's .5mm
  • beads
  • glue
  • TOOLS: scissors

First, you're going to have to snip a length of cord. I usually eyeball it, but you can wrap it around your wrist and leave an ample couple inches extra.

Start stringing! You can knot the end so your beads don't fall off, but I like living on the edge.


Bracelets are a good way to use up extra bead stock.
Periodically check the length-- I usually just wrap it around my wrist to see how much more I have to string. Make sure you aren't pulling the elastic taut when you're measuring.
When you're ready, double knot the ends. Snip off the excess.
Add a dab of glue to the knot. (I'm using E6000, as always, ventilation is key!)
finished product
hints, tips, notes
  • if you don't like the tails of the elastic peeking, you can always dab them with glue and stick them into the holes of the beads beside them
  • don't be afraid not to have a set pattern! think bead soup
  • also, you can use anything you can string up-- charms, wood, etc
  • elastic bracelets don't have to always to be chunky, get a bendy beading needle and you can make delicate seed bead bracelets
  • if you're making a lot for the purpose of stacking them together, vary a bit in length
  • you can get fancy with your knots
  • and your clasps--some people think just knotting looks messy so they'll add clasps
  • small metal beads are your friend
  • actually, so are large, chunky beads
  • all beads are your friend
Here are some other bracelets I made, all with a similar gold and blue scheme.

I like how the gold peeks through the clear beads.
Happy making! I made all these in a half episode of Homeland.




  • different sized spike beads / I'm using howlite spike beads 
  • french barrette
  • glue / I'm using E6000
First off, you're going to lay out your beads. I want an inverted triangle shape, so I started with my longest bead to the smallest.
I applied an ample amount of E6000, remember to open a window because this stuff is strong. Start placing your beads.
WARNING: This will get sticky and messy and you will get E6000 everywhere.

I realized that I hadn't laid out enough beads so I had to add two more.

Here I'm pressing the spikes down.
Leave to cure overnight.
Use your barrette to keep bangs back, sweep hair to one side, or for a half ponytail!
Thanks for reading!


let me duplicate ya

On a trip to Michaels a few weeks back I picked up these round beads. I love the blue/green hues with gold and paired with the white spikes. It's a color combination I use frequently.
When I first started making earrings, I rarely created the same pair in different hues. I tended to stick to the ONE OF A KIND mentality. Hey, these are still one of an almost kind.
For these beads I couldn't decide which color I liked best so I went on ahead and used them all.
Can you spot the difference between the two sets?
The upper set has a single fish spine connector link.
I love fish spine chain. If you use a significant length of it, it's so decorative on it's own that you don't need to add much.
small details: tiny bead caps.

To add on to my spree of duplicating earrings:

fishspine chain, pearl birds, square beads
pearl leaves, gold leaf charms, square beads
Thanks for reading!
Also, I was hoping for some feedback... I have a DIY face sheet mask post that I really want to do and share, but since this is mainly a DIY jewelry blog, would it be too far out of left field?



Today I have a simple earring tutorial to share! These crystal earrings are really easy to create and they're highly customizable.

This was the earring style my sister taught me how to make years ago when I was first starting out. It's a good beginner piece.

DIFFERENT CRYSTALS / different sizes (3mm, 4mm, 10mm, etc)

Whenever my friends in university wanted to make earrings for loved ones, this was the pair I usually taught them how to make.

  • Easy to make
  • Colors are customizable (Say your bf's mom's favorite color is green, make her a green pair!)
  • Not too 'in your face'

First, pick out your focal drop. This will be the bead at the end of your chain. I chose purple.

Here I'm trying to find out what length I want them to be. I tend to make these type of earrings shorter.

Once you have your chain figured out, it's prep time. You have your focal bead, now you need to figure out all the accompanying beads.

This is my general color scheme. I have different purple hues, deep pink and one tiny tan crystal.

For the length of chain, I picked out 6 crystals in different sizes/shapes. I also went ahead and stuck them all on headpins.

Take your focal bead and create a loop. Don't close it.

Loop it unto your chain.

So far, you have the backbone.

Then, open your hoop and slide on the chain + a crystal on the top.

This makes it easier to visualize where/how you want the rest of your beads to fall.

For this pair, I wanted a small cluster on the top, a larger one at the bottom, and one lone crystal in the middle.

There is no set layout, I just experimented until I found combinations that I liked. Have fun with it (:

Keep adding your crystals, and that's it!
It's a lot of fun to play around with the color combinations.

I love how all you need are crystals.

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