On whim I decided to reorganize my stud collection.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to reorganize, I just knew I was tired of staring at the pile. You can barely tell, but underneath all those tan tags is a camera shaped tray from Target.

Sidenote, how awesome is this map? I picked it up at the Strand bookstore in NYC. I like that its illustrated and that it shows New Jersey, represent!

I buy a lot of forever 21 studs. They're cheap and trendy, and I have double piercings in both lobes so I'm always wearing a pair. Lately, I've been loving the minimal metal pieces, squares and spikes, etc.

I ended up deciding to cut the tags up and separate all the sets. Since the plastic is stiff, I decided to keep them the pairs on the backing. I had an empty major jar, so I figured I'd just stuff them all in there.

Even though it's a slight inconvenience to have to pour out the studs to find a pair, I don't mind it. I like that they're all in one place.

The sisterless pairs. I lose studs so easily, I'm not sure how it happens. I end up finding them later in the jacket pockets and the bottom of purses.

How do you store your studs?

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