balls balls balls

Ever since discovering ball headpins, I haven't gone back. They add nice, subtle detail to earrings.

I used to regularly purchase them from Michaels, but since moving near NYC I've found stores that sell them in different lengths. The ones on the left, the $4.50 ones, are the bags I used to purchase but then I found them for $2.40 at a different store! No contest. (The $4.50 ones are from Bead Center.)


I was in the city to return a camera lense when I decided to hit up a couple of bead stores. I tend to visit the same six (counting M&J):

  3. M&J

I picked up some more chain to replenish my stash and gold pewter beads to make elastic bracelets.

It was my first time going to the downstairs clearance area in FUN2BEAD. I didn't really know what to expect, but they had some tables of open trays and there were baggies you could fill up for $14.99 (they are also doing a special where all the plastic bead baggies are $6.99. I bought a bag full of different black beads.)

There is a lot more of a selection of silver beads which I don't use. I found a couple gold beads I liked and at first I counted them out but then realized I was being stupid then just dumped them in to get my $$$$'s worth.

I need to start taking notes when I visit the stores. I usually buy my fishspine chain at Bead Center, then found them .50 cheaper at a different bead store. Same with ball headpins. Usually prices are comparable across the board, especially with charms and trinkets, but some stores have more sales than others, etc.

Bead Center is massive. Seriously. Toho has hands down, the nicest salespeople. M&J is always super busy and I tend to only browse because well, I don't sew or use a lot of trim. FUN2BEAD, Bead Max, and NY Beads are all next to each other and it's impossible to walk into one and not the others.


I'm going to go bracelet making happy tomorrow, keep tuned!
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