As long as it has a top...

I bought these tiny containers at Mitsuwa, a Japanese marketplace, a couple days ago. They are soy sauce containers used for bento boxes. That is actually what I bought them for, but I was trying to organize new purchases and found I had no containers available so I figured, hell, why not? I used two to store stud stoppers.

BTW, soy cause containers come in the damn cutest styles. The Japanese really know how to mix functionality and aesthetics. The ones here are blue and pink and are shaped like pigs.

It fit all but one of my packets.

That's not even all, the packet came with wing/eye stickers to decorate the pigs.

Oh man.



Have you ever encountered an idea so genius you wish you were the one to discover it?

That's how I felt when I read this tutorial for Mise en Dior pearl earrings that Geneva created. Every step to this tutorial, I credit to her. Absolutely brilliant. I followed her tutorial to a T.

To start off, you're going to need pearl studs. Or actually, any type of stud earrings you wish. I would recommend ball studs.

I bought the pearls at a random store in Midtown. (Luckily I don't have sensitive ears.)

a ball pair I had laying around from a f21 stud set

You're also going to need plastic beads. I say plastic, otherwise the beads will be too heavy. Resin will work also. I bought assorted sizes and also neon colored beads.

($5.50 bag from BEAD CENTER. The $6.99 is self-chosen beads from the clearance section of FUN2BEAD.)

These are beautiful, but won't work for this tutorial.

You're also going to need little rubber earring backs. I bought a smaller size than usually sold.

Also, the plastic beads need to have holes drilled large enough to fit the earring back.

Instead of a headpin you can use a skewer (Like how Geneva did).

 Remember to have a window open, e6000 is no joke.

Press the earring back into the bead.

The glue will get messy.

How mind-numbingly simple. I don't know how long I have stared at Dior's earrings trying to figure out how to DIY it, and here the answer was, so easy. Man.

a pop of neon!

Of course, we gotta get down with the pearl originals.

different sizes of studs

I bought humongous pearls. No regrets.

Here are different sizes of tan balls. I love them all. This color is a lot more subtle.

Some in progress pictures

I couldn't use these pastel beads because the holes were too small

  • Really fun pop of color
  • I like neon in small doses
  • Looks great with hair down OR up
  • Super freaking cheap to make
  • You can potentially use any bead as long as the hole is big enough
  • Pearls really do look good with pretty much any color
  • Minus the white... to me at least
  • As long as you have studs and glue, just need the backs and the beads
  • Sometimes you will already have backs laying around from store-bought stud sets
  • Takes barely a minute to make each pair
  • Of course, the bigger the back bead, the more you can see from the front
  • I have freakishly large lobes though...


One downside: I have a second ear piercing on my lobes, and there is no way another stud will fit. I'm thinking I'll just wear these with a tiny gold hoop in the second piercing? Or of course, leave it bare.

Thanks for reading!

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