As long as it has a top...

I bought these tiny containers at Mitsuwa, a Japanese marketplace, a couple days ago. They are soy sauce containers used for bento boxes. That is actually what I bought them for, but I was trying to organize new purchases and found I had no containers available so I figured, hell, why not? I used two to store stud stoppers.

BTW, soy cause containers come in the damn cutest styles. The Japanese really know how to mix functionality and aesthetics. The ones here are blue and pink and are shaped like pigs.

It fit all but one of my packets.

That's not even all, the packet came with wing/eye stickers to decorate the pigs.

Oh man.


  1. Aww...I'm going to Mitsuwa next week for the first time! What should I look forward too?? ^^

    1. THE FOOD COURT. I run to Mitsuwa sometimes just to get lunch. I usually get ramen, sometimes the tempura shrimp, everything is delicious. Idk if all the locations are similar, but be on the lookout for their custard desserts. Yum. If you want something quick to go, I loved their prepared rice balls. I also always stock up on Mitsuya drink. Also snacks. Always.

      Other than food, you can always check out beauty products? It's always pretty pricey, imported asian products usually are, but they usually have deals and markdowns. I've bought cleansers and shampoos.

  2. I am going to the one in New Jersey! Hopefully I can find some great snacks to take home!!

    I'd love to try Asian beauty products, but I have no idea where to start! They all sound so good idk what would work lol.


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