DIY: Lariat Necklace

I wanted to whip up a quick necklace to wear to work and decided to try out a lariat.

Super simple to make, and you don't need anything extra then a normal necklace.

  • chain
  • jump rings
  • choice of charm
  • pliers/wire cutters

Alright, first I needed to figure out how long I wanted my necklace.

I wanted it to close right at my neck (I love choker style necklaces) and not drop too far down.

NOTE: The length I want is too short for me to just pull the necklace over my head. The next few steps are to remedy that.

Add a jump ring to one end.

Add your clasp. I'm using a lobster clasp.

Open your clasp and close it on a second jump ring.

Grasp that jump ring and slip the length of chain through it (forming a necklace shape.)

Connect your charm to the end.

All finished!

Here is a close up at the pull.

The lobster clasp unhooks at the jump ring.

The jump ring won't fall off due to the charm!


  • This is a very minimal necklace, but you can customize like crazy. You can just bigger jump rings, fancier tail ends, different chains/cords etc
  • If your necklace is long enough to pull over your head, you can totally skip the lobster clasp trick
  • The lobster claw isn't for everyone, I like it as part of the design aesthetic with the gold
  • My boss commented on it and it totally blew her mind that I pulled it together in mere minutes
  • It's fun to pull on, lol

+ another necklace I made

These were originally $1.25 each but the owner sold them to me at .50 each!


  1. Hi! I love your diy, I tried so many of them + you inspired for many others!

    I started a blog, it's still work in progress but if you want to have a look here's the link ;)


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