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So the other night I had the sudden urge to reorganize.

It was getting pretty messy, I was leaving supplies in baggies and throwing them into a Charlotte Russe shoebox. I went out to the local 99c store and bought four bags of these white circular containers. Each bag contained 10. (The dollar store is hands-down the best place to get storage materials.)

I still use the shoebox, but instead of roughed up baggies, I have these nice containers!

Also, I'm always up to reusing tins. One of my good friends bought me Glow in the Dark stars as an early Christmas present. After going sticker crazy on my ceiling, I thought the tin would be a good place for my tassels.

In this post I talked about 'leftovers' and since then I have started collecting them in this wooden box. I've had it for years. It was actually the box/packaging for a diary/planner!

I like this over the bowl before of the lid.

Once in a while I'll go through and regroup my beads into sections that make more sense. On the left, I had all those beads thrown together. Instead, I decided to just keep the flowers in a container. On the right, I had crimp beads mixed in with blue seed beads. I finally separated them.

I attempted to put some of the 'leftovers' back into their places.

Also, I picked up these leaf beads that I absolutely love.

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