What I like about these bracelets are 1. how easy they are to make 2. how minimal they are.

You can stack them with different kinds of bracelets: arm bands, watches, elastic bracelets, chunky bracelets, etc or you can wear one delicate strand on its own.

I've been on a white/black/gold kick. I was making earrings and was looking at my supplies and I have a surplus of charms so I figured I would make some bracelets.

To start off, I'm making bracelets from two different types of chain, both gold and both really delicate.

links / ball chain

For ball chain, all you need is the chain and the right size connectors.

Hold the chain up against your wrist. Remember that you still need to take in account the connector, which will add a tiny bit more room.

Connect one side. Slip the end of the ball chain into the middle of the connector then snap it to one side.

I'm going to use two different sizes of this link chain.

For this type of chain you will need jump rings and a type of clasp, I'm using lobster. You can also use an end finding, but I'm just going to use jump rings.

Remember to take into account the length of your jump rings and lobster claw when you're measuring out your chain.

This is my skeleton for all these bracelets.

Finish one end-- add a jump ring then lobster claw.

Now for the fun, creative part.

All these bracelets are really easy, I'm basically just stringing all the charms/beads on. Nothing fancy, nothing hard.

Here are a couple step-by-steps:

You're going to have to make sure the holes in the beads are large enough to string the chain through.

I like that the charms just fall wherever they want to.

This is an old H&M earring I took apart.

The holes weren't big enough so I added them onto jump rings to string on.

As much as I like the look of multiples of the same charm on a chain, sometimes just one is great too.

I really wanted to make this ceramic skull bead work, but it was just too large for my tastes.

Here is all of them! Basic skeleton for all the bracelets, just strung different charms/beads onto them. I only deviated on one of the bracelets--- I added TWO different components the white rubber disc beads/initial beads. Otherwise, I used the same type of bead for each bracelet. I like the uniformity.

I could have easily strung 1 charm or 23.

they look like necklaces here

hints, tips, notes:
  • The charms will also factor into the length you want to cut your bracelet.
  • Be careful when taking ball chain bracelets off, there is no way of stopping all the beads from falling off if you accidentally let go of the other end.
  • Change up the lengths so if you stack them they'll fall differently.
  • Most beads are fair game.
  • If you can't string em, put them on jump rings or get headpins and loop them on.
  • The amount of beads you want to put on is up to your own discretion and tastes. 
  • You can also just pull them off and on whenever you feel like doing so.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Where did you find the charms?
    The bracelets are great!

    1. Thank you! I found all the charms on different stores in midtown on 6th ave in NYC. Here is a post about the charms and other info

  2. These are great! So pretty and delicate, and gold is always my fav.

  3. These are adorable! Can you share where you got all your little bead boxes?

    1. Thanks! I bought them in the wedding favor section in michaels :)

  4. I love these! Your instructions are easy to follow, so, I think I can actually do this! What size/thickness is the link chain? Where did you purchase such a large amount of chain? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks :) The chain is super duper thin... I'm sorry I have no clue the size. I went to the bead stores on 6th ave in NYC and just picked the thinnest sizes. I bought the link chain at Toho Shoji and the ball chain at Bead Center. Thanks!

  5. I love how dainty and delicate these are! Might I ask where you find your chains? In particularly the thin linked one? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Thanks! I bought the link chain at Toho Shoji and the ball chain at Bead Center (two stores on 6th ave in NYC). Thanks!


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