Everyone remembers tattoo chokers right? Especially with the recent return of 90's fashion.

They're actually really easy to make and customize.

All you need is elastic stretch cord and for my tutorial, crimp beads. But you can always tie off the ends, thus only needing the cord.

I purchased both black and clear in different sizes.

You can see here the differences in thickness.

For the thin cord, you can double/triple the loops!

Okay to start off, cut your cords. I basically wrapped the cord around my neck three times. Do this twice.

So you will have 2 long pieces of cord and 2 crimp beads. I will call them strand #1 and strand #2.

To secure the ends, you can always use a clipboard, tape, etc, but I just sandwiched the cords in between two heavy things.

To begin, make a loop with strand #1.

Then, slide strand #2 into strand #1's loop in and "over-under" fashion.

Then, you will take that strand #2 end and wrap it around strand #1 to create a second loop. This is the pattern. (I made the loops a little more loose so it can be seen better. Usually, they are pulled more tight.)

Repeat the pattern. Soon, it will become muscle memory. I was making these while watching Netflix.

I keep on going and eyeball the length. I'll pull it to my neck to gauge.

In the end, you'll have two opened ends.

Pull a crimp bead onto one of your end (4) strands (2 ends, 2 strands in each). You're going to secure your necklace, meeting the two ends.

Here is the first crimp. You will have two. Basically, pull the ends opposite in an X shape through the crimp bead then squeeze shut. Trim the ends.

Here is the second one. You can always tie off your ends also.

Now you're done!

You can double up on your threads, add seed beads, etc. You can also manipulate how taut the necklace is, how large the loops are, etc.

For these I added a center focal bead.

I love how subtle the clear ones are.

For this one, I added slightly larger gold beads.

Have fun and thanks for reading!


  1. OMG this takes me back to middle school!!!! I love it!

  2. As of today I have well over 300 repins or likes on this DIY. It is very popular on my pinterest board.

    1. Wow, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial~

  3. hi! where can you find the elastic stretch cord in singapore? and how much does it cost?

  4. Where can I find the double drilled quartz point you're using?

  5. Seriously, this blog is wonderful

  6. How do we make a double stranded one ? Im wondering i cant find any tutorials on that

    1. Dude you just double the cord

  7. I recently ordered the stretch magic black 1mm thick one. can I make a tattoo choker with a cord that thick??

    1. Yeah, I have that exact one and it works


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