So I have no idea what to call these earrings, so I came up with half-hoops. I like the simplicity and the imbalance of them, I tend to wear my hair pushed to one side, and only made one of each. The other side I wear a simple stud.

These earrings are also ridiculously easy to make, and all you need is wire, a charm/bead, earring backs.

  • wire (I'm using 24gauge)
  • charms/beads
  • earring backs
  • pliers

step one

You're going to snip your wire. I cut a little less than a full loop.

Like this!

step two

First, I just picked and lined out my charms/beads.

I picked lighter (in weight) ones.

Take a loop, and slip your bead on.

step three

Take your pliers, and bend one side up so the bead doesn't fall off.

VARIATIONS: You can always close it off with a loop, press on the wire then bend it to make sure it doesn't fall off, etc.

step four

Slide a backing on.

Now you're done!

The backing keeps the earring level and your beads in place.

Thanks for reading!


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