Around 4 years ago, I accidentally spilled acetone on my 2008 MacBook computer. Half my keyboard ended up useless. I tried to make it work using external keyboards and copy & pasting, but then slowly other things started failing: USB ports, CD drive, battery etc due to age. I would update HM by going to the library or staying longer at work.

I've finally upgraded! For so long I had gone without a laptop that it's so strange to have one now. I can edit and upload in one go! It's a luxury and a blessing.

To be honest, I had become a bit uninspired. I make things and take them apart. I lay out ideas that never get put together. About once a week I go through my box of odds and ends trying to make creations out of pieces.

With the return of a working laptop, I'm hoping to post more, interact more, and grow a bit more. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and love for this little jewelry blog.

- AK


  1. Good to see you here again — welcome back!

  2. Yay, I am so happy that you are back! I was sad thinking you stopped posting for good...Thank you so much!


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