Every once in a while I get into a bead buying frenzy. Onn my day off I went to a couple bead shops in NYC.

These lengths of chain are my favorite. I take them apart & use them as charms. You can see my post about chains as charms here. The stars on this strand are smaller :)

I've been on a czech bead kick (as seen in my bead soup post.)

a quick tutorial:

(I accidentally added jump rings to the picture, hence the squares.)

Use E600 to glue beads to stud needles. Make sure the stud needle doesn't cover the holes.

Take a head pin, slide on a bead cap, then the bead, then another bead cap. Loop unto the chain.

Same format for the stud portion--- bead cap, bead, bead cap. Loop unto the other end of the chain.

Then you're all set!



Holiday season is upon us.

Over the years I've collected these great pads of paper that I double as wrapping paper. The one pictured is from Idlewild Co. & it's a placemat pad. I think non-cardstock sets of paper used for scrapbooking would be good also.

They're perfect for books. (Fun fact: I work at a bookstore.)

           I trim the edges & save it to wrap trinkets, use as gift tags, or to write notes.


Have fun gift wrapping!



I call these bead soup earrings because they're made from a random assortment of beads simply connected to one another.

I love beads. If I only could keep 5 personal items, my bead collection would be one of them. I've been collecting & curating since I was fourteen.

To make these types of earrings, all you need are headpins, different beads, and a type of earring hook. I'm using hoops. I'm also using wire, but you can use headpins.

Wire is just easier, I loop on the bead then snip.

Just connect them to each other with a series of loops & you're done!

I love these speckled black & white beads. I bought them at the czech glass section at bead store in NYC, I'm trying to track them down online.

Another step by step:


Leaving bead soup territory a little bit, I also went & did different combinations with chain.

Have fun making different combinations of beads!



For this tutorial, you're going to need 11 headpins + 12 beads.

Go ahead & close all the loops.

Then, you're going to take one bead & thread it unto a headpin. This will be the base. Slide on the 10 looped beads.

Slide on the last bead on top.

Close the loop. Now you're all set! You can use it as a charm for earrings or necklaces.

I've found that round beads work best, but faceted/unique shapes work well too.

Thanks for reading!



I have amassed a tiny collection of different wing beads. I love the look of the curve on the lobe, so I decided to create a tutorial for these one-sided earrings. (You can always make the second one too!)

First, you're going to glue your bead to the stud needle.

Then I laid out my design.

Slide the chain onto the jumpring and attach it to the wing. Then, put the bead on the headpin & attach it to the bottom of the chain.

I then added the star charm to a jumpring then added it to the middle of the chain length.


Now you're done!

Thanks for reading!

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